COSMOS Custom Services:

Design and Development

At Cosmos, we pride ourselves on being able to provide optimized designs and efficient production solutions to our customers.  Our vast experience allows us to analyze each concept and make adjustments which will improve the performance of the product.  With a thorough understanding of the lawn and garden industry and outdoor power equipment, Cosmos is committed to providing the best exhaust systems and components possible to our customers.

Testing and Analysis

Our in-house test labs provide us with the ability to thoroughly evaluate the products we make.  We can test various types of engines and equipment over a wide range of test cycles.  Typical testing focuses on the exhaust system as an integral part of how the engine operates.  Power, exhaust temperatures, sound levels, and emissions are evaluated as a function of varying different features within the muffler.  Our goal is to provide prototype mufflers and components which closely represent a mass produced assembly. 

Our testing services include:

Cosmos also offers our testing services on a contract basis to customers looking to supplement their internal capabilities.           

Production Capabilities

Cosmos has been meeting the production demands of our customers for over 40 years.  Our suburban Chicago facility houses a vast array of tooling and equipment necessary to produce components and exhaust systems in a very efficient manner.  Throughout the tool design and building stages, we employ methods which allow us to utilize common stamping presses and assembly techniques.  As a leading OEM supplier, we continuously produce over 10 million mufflers annually in over 100 different designs for our various customers.

Exhaust Catalyst Development

For over a decade, Cosmos has help develop and implement exhaust oxidation catalysts used to reduce emissions from lawn and garden equipment.  We are able to optimize the catalyst to meet EPA and CARB regulations without additional, unnecessary expenses.  This is achieved by using the correct precious metals in the correct amounts to reduce either hydrocarbons or CO.  Often times, we are able to use a single precious metal to help keeps costs low without compromising conversion efficiency.

Custom Engineered Solutions

From initial customer contact through mass production, our goal is to provide our customers with more than they expect. We welcome customer concepts as a starting point and enjoy the challenge of expanding on those ideas to develop mufflers to fit within the constraints provided.  We seek out innovative ways to incorporate all the necessary components in the, often times, small envelope sizes allowed by the application.  Cosmos designs our mufflers with a focus on style and appearance as well as function.  The muffler should look as if it is an integral part of the piece of equipment, not an afterthought.