COSMOS Product Development Solutions:


Our Engineering department uses the latest Pro/E and AutoCAD suites for both product and tooling designs.  Whether we start from an initial customer concept, or the design is completely developed in-house, our engineers rely on their vast experience to design products which exceed the customer demands.  We take a very systematic approach to our design process and ensure that what the design integrates flawlessly with the equipment it is used on.  At the very early stages of a project, several criteria are established with a focus on sound, exhaust temperatures, exhaust direction, emissions, muffler flow rate, and flow path.


To evaluate fit, form, and function, we move quickly towards building prototypes which can be assembled on the various types of equipment we focus on.  Prototypes can be stamped from “soft tooling” and assembled to gather information and make necessary changes.  Muffler designs quickly take shape once our prototype testing phase begins via measurements of exhaust flows and temperatures, emissions, and engine performance.


Our in-house, dedicated Emissions, Durability and NVH labs provide us with the ability to thoroughly evaluate the products we make.  We can test various types of engines and equipment over a wide range of test cycles.  Typical testing focuses on the exhaust system as an integral part of how the engine operates.  Power, exhaust temperatures, sound levels, and emissions are evaluated as a function of varying different features within the muffler.  Our goal is to provide prototype mufflers and components which closely represent a mass produced assembly. 

Our testing services include:

All lab services are also offered on a contract basis.  Contact Cosmos for further information.


Tool Design and Construction

Cosmos designs, builds, and maintains all tools in-house.  From the smallest fixtures to multi-piece progressive dies to automated assembly systems, we use our extensive knowledge of the products we make to build the best tools possible.  With tool design engineers on staff, we quickly progress from product design to tool design to have the shortest possible lead times.  Our tool shop is fully staffed with experienced die makers and the latest in CNC equipment.