Engineering and Design

Cosmos offers a full range of support to our customers from the initial concept/design phase to product development through running changes in production.

Product Modeling
- New Product Design
- Initial product concept and design

Verification of customer requirements and specifications
- Existing Product Modifications
- To improve performance
- To improve manufacturability
- Cost reduction proposals

Tool Design Engineers
- Design all tools and fixtures
- Temporary & prototype tools
- Progressive dies
- Single station dies
- Special assembly fixtures
- Inspection fixtures and gages

Engineering and Design Department Exploded Muffler Drawing

Tool Room

Tool Room Machines Tool Room

All tools/dies are built by Cosmos Manufacturing
All tooling is maintained in-house
Prototyping capabilities
Pilot samples
Temporary Tooling
Low/High volume production tools

5 CNC Machining Centers
CNC Turning Centers
2 Wire EDM Machines
CNC & Wire EDM Programming
Skilled craftsmen backed by years of experience

Research and Development

The R&D Department at Cosmos is a valuable resource for developing new concepts and providing testing and R&D support to our customers.

We work with several customers throughout the development process as well as during improvements/changes to current production items.

Emissions Lab

Dynamometers (Dyne Systems)
- Midwest 5HP, 2,000-19,000RPM Horizontal Eddy-current
- SAJ 40HP, 1,000-14,000RPM Horizontal/Vertical Eddy-current

Exhaust Analysis (Pierburg)
- AMA 4000 Analyzer
- Raw gas collection method
- Measures; CO, CO2, Nox, O2 and THC

Data Acquisition (Cell Assistant)
- Cell Assistant
- Emissions, Temperature, Fuel Consumption and Power parameters comply with regulatory requirements

Emissions Lab Program Emissions Lab

Durability Lab

Durability Lab Program Durability Lab

Durability Testing
- Custom fixtures for each type of tool
- Trimmers, blowers, chainsaws
- Customer specific testing protocols
- 24-hour testing capabilities
- Disassembly, inspection & evaluation of tested parts

Test Stations
- 8 asynchronous tests
- LCD control panels for each station
- Variable rate throttle control
- Engine load control
- 5 temperatures
- Engine RPM

Data Acquisition and Control
- National Instruments LabView software
- National Instruments FieldPoint hardware

Data Reporting
- Customized reports based on customer requirements
- National Instruments DIAdem software


Sound Testing
- RT Pro Acoustic Analysis software
- Sound Power
- Octave Analysis
- Sound Quality Analysis
- Basic dB level comparison
- Semi-Anechoic Chamber for small engine operation
- Cell pass-throughs for isolated testing

NVH Lab Graph NVH Lab

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