Quality Assurance

Cosmos Manufacturing, Inc.’s quality objectives include continuously improving our systems, processes and technical capabilities to ensure supplying the highest quality manufactured products, which meet or exceed our customers' requirements, specifications and expectations.

Meeting these objectives allows us to deliver world class products and services on time, every time.

- Zeiss CMM
- Keyence non-contact measurement
- Measuring Microscope
- Rockwell and Vickers Hardness
- Superflow SF-60 Flowbench
- Flexair leak test machine

Keyence Zeiss Machine Zeiss Analysis Process


Stamping Press Stamping Press with Worker

Over 50 Presses of varying capacities
- 60T to 200T
- Minster
- Aida
- Cincinnati

Up to 8,000 pieces per hour

Progressive & Compound Dies


Spot Welding
- Single Point Fixtures
- Multi Point Fixtures
- Rotary, high speed/high volume

MIG Welding
- Robotic Work Cell
- Manual Work Cells

Rotary Welding Robotic Welding


BDM Machine Automated Assembly Robot Tube Automation Machine

Assembly Lines
- Semi-automated conveying lines
- Single piece flow
- On-Line vision systems

Clutch Drum Assembling and Inspection
- Multiple bulk vibratory bowl feed systems
- Installation of multiple components
- 100% inspected with collection of measured values

Tube Cutting
- Automatic tube feeding
- High speed
- Multiple tubes cut simultaneously
- Multiple tubing diameters and material types
- In-line deburring

Muffler Cover Mounting Tube Assembly
- Automatic tube feeding
- Form tube end and upper swedge
- Flare tube into muffler cover

Catalyst Coating

Coating Equipment
- Automated Rotary Coating Station
- Four coating spindles for fast cycle times
- PLC programming for alterations to catalyst loading
- High capacity element fixtures

- Coating of wire mesh blocks of various sizes
- Ability to coat over 3 million pieces per year

- Coating processes developed by Cosmos
- Technical support of coating compound provided by BASF
- Analytical support
- Developmental collaboration

Catalyst Coating Machine Catalysts

Black Oxiding

Universal Coatings Logo Black Oxide Muffler

We utilize a fully automated black oxide production line at Universal Coatings Inc., a subsidiary of Cosmos Manufacturing Inc.

Black oxide is a conversion coating formed by a controlled chemical reaction.

The reaction between the iron of the ferrous alloy and the hot oxide bath produces a magnetite (Fe3O4) on the surface of the part.


There are two continuous belt brazing furnaces at Universal Coatings Inc.
- The first line was installed in 2000
- The second line was installed in 2006

We utilize both automated and semi-automated pasting equipment.

Furnaces are maintained under a controlled atmosphere using nitrogen and hydrogen and provide a dew point of -40⁰C or lower that is ideal for brazing of stainless steel components.

Universal Coatings Logo Brazing Furnace

Value Added Processing

Shot Blasting Machine

Industrial Wash Line
Shot Blasting
Vibratory Deburring
High Energy Deburring Value Added Processing Machine

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